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anyone down for some bf4 soon?
Hey Kurt. How's the computer build going?
Shout out to AKS
Finally back online. Funny how life sometimes gets in the way of gaming. Glad to be back as target practice for everyone.
Just donated $10 - but was not logged in shows up as guest
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Who We Are
There is no age requirement...All ages are welcome. Right now we range from 13-60.

Q. Are we serious?
A. No! We are here to have fun!

Q. How do I become a member?
A. Please fill out the Member Application, which can be found on the home page of this website.

Q. Are there Clan dues?
A. We ask each member to donate $50 a year, which helps maintain our game server and website. Monthly and quarterly payments can be made, if necessary. We do not keep a large balance, if items get paid up, we reduce the dues for a year or two. In addition, the more members will have the less the dues will be.

Q. Will I be able to kick and ban players?
A. Yes, but we prefer you give them a hug and discuss their issues. All players who disrespect our attempt to ruin a clean and fun server should be removed after fair discussion and warning.

Q. Is there a probation period?
A. Yes, There is a 30 day probation period where you will have just kick and yell rights. After the 30 days you'll have ban righs.. Except for junior member who can only kick or yell until 18. You may be asked at any time to give a random ScreenShot.

Q. Do I have to wear tags?
A. You must wear your AKS tags whenever in the game for the first 6 months. After the 6 months we may be on without our tags, just to see who acts up without the appearance of an admin being on.

Q. How do we stay connected?
A. By this website and by being on TeamSpeak when playing in the game or just hanging out. We ask that you refrain from cursing in TeamSpeak and in the game chat. We know that folks slip at times, but dropping the "F" bomb and similar words is not appropriate.

Q. What is my overall job as a ~A.K.S~ Member?
A. You will have many responsibilities as a member. You must respect all clan members and help a brother when a brother needs help. You will also need to keep updated on our website and help clan brothers and sisters any way you can.

Q. Do I have to be an exceptionally gifted player to become a member?
A. No. Your membership is not based on rank, kill to death ratio, or your score. However, we do appreciate players who work well as a team, respect other players and communicate effectively with a positive attitude.

Q. What qualities do you look for in new members?
A. There are many qualities we look for in new members. Maturity is a major requirement as is the ability to effectively communicate and have fun. Overall, ~A.K.S~ consists of mature members and is a close knit family who respects each other and the guests on our servers. We respect family time and will NEVER ask you to put the clan before your family.

Q. Are there in-game time requirements to keep my membership active?
A. No. We currently do not have time requirements. Spend extra time with your family, we have this covered.

Q. I have requested to become a member but I haven't received any answer to my request.
A. Membership is not a long process. Respect and a fun attitude gets you in the door.

Q. I was banned previously on another clan server. Will this affect my membership request?
A. We investigate all potential members for previous hacking, use of cheats and general game play. If you have been caught cheating, we will ask you to keep looking for another clan and server.

Q. Do we allow provocative material on our site, avatars, game emblems or signatures?
A. No